Featuring puzzles and atmospheric artwork straight from the precocious mind of a ten year old boy, you must try to escape from the house with only your wits to guide you.  Find your way to an alien portal and escape to...

100% of the revenue from this game will help to ensure future developments from our father/son studio.  That, and popsicles.

N.B. It seems to take some time to load all the game assets.  I am working to improve this but please be patient on the title screen.

The game does save your progress, so even if you close the browser and return later, you shouldn't have to repeat yourself.

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TagsAtmospheric, Exploration, First-Person, Hand-drawn, Point & Click

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Lots of updates over the past week - let us know if they help!

just tried the portal again, with the-java console open

While it worked this time, the java-console gave a few seemingly non-fatal errors involving sw.js

found portal, would like an end-screen.

Cool!  What do you mean by an end-screen?  Can you be more specific for us?

after going through the portal only a black screen was the result.

Really?!  I'm going to have to check that out!  There's suppose to be a line effect with  credits that fade to black over the course of a couple of minutes...  My apologies if there's a bug there.

Just tried it again, and there were full credits before fading to black.  I am really sorry that it didn't do that for you...  Not sure how easy it would be to debug this issue, but I'll do what I can!