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You awaken on a desert island with no knowledge of who you are, or how you arrived there.  Explore and unlock surrounding islands by playing the mysteriously powerful arcade machines spread throughout the lands.

Make friends (or don't!) to learn more secrets and earn bonuses.

Achieve your destiny while progressively exercising your brain power.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tags1-bit, 8-Bit, Pixel Art, Retro, secrets, Singleplayer, Sokoban
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast


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I have found a very bad softlock. I got caught wearing stolen shoes, then thrown into the house with the tall hair person, and then it goes:

"10 shame for stealing those shoes! 20 if you hadn't given me that flower, you'd be in big trouble. 30 but since you're my friend, I will just cause you mild inconvenience. 40 goto 10"

Over and over. Can I save my save or is it wasted ? 


Indeed!  You should be ashamed for stealing the poor salesman's shoes!

Your mild inconvenience is that you will need to fully exit and return to the game ;).  Your progress will not be lost.  That's what happens when you get caught in a BASIC loop!

Just be glad she doesn't kame hame haaa you again!

BRUUUH. Don't do this to me, man! I'm too old for this crap! This game is too much, I expected it to toy with my brain, not with my heart! (I also got caught in the clone maze, so I should've seen that coming, but you *really* got me there.) Madlad.

When my son first explained that this is the solution to that situation I was like...  savage.  But as an 80s kid, I can appreciate this being the solution to all my old games.

Now I'm scared of what'll happen if I haven't brought the flower first...

Same thing as if you wandered around her house uninvited before flowering her.  :).

How are you making out?  If you get stuck, the Discord is really lousy with people that are 100%ing the game, or making the attempt anyway.  I can try to dig up the link if you haven't seen it elsewhere.

Have an amazing day!

Is scaling in options only supposed to swap between "Small" and "Auto"? I'm playing the game on a 4k monitor and it's so small as to be unplayable on small scale (even with the 200% scaling I have set through Windows) but at auto scaling, it's extremely laggy. I was hoping that there'd be integer options between 1x scaling and whatever auto scaling calculates out to.

Hey, thanks for the feedback - a 4K monitor is way outside our experience, so we haven't tested on anything that high.  But now maybe this is something I should put in the budget so we can test for these cases that will likely become the norm going forward.

Just curious if you've tried just straight up changing the resolution of the monitor to something smaller?  I know it will make your eyes buggy, but it might work better?

Can you share what monitor you're using, in case we do go shopping?


I use a multimonitor setup so unfortunately changing resolution isn't really an option since it'll mess up the layouts of my other monitors.

As for what monitor I'm using, it's this one which seems to be fairly affordable for decent quality: https://www.amazon.com/Sceptre-Monitor-DisplayPort-Speakers-U275W-UPT/dp/B098HQ8...

Also I don't know whether this will help you figure anything out but I think that the lag might be caused by using up an entire cpu core, though I'm not certain whether this was the cause due to some strangeness and me not being very familiar with Python. When I run the game at 4k it uses up a fairly consistent 25% of my total available cpu power (it's a quad core, specifically an Intel Core i5 4670k running at the default clock speed, if that info would be helpful), though when I go to look at specific core usage, it seems to be split across all four cores.

I've been absolutely loving this game! 

That's so awesome to hear!  You just made our day!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!


i wanted to try it, but the game does nothing when i press "Z" in main menu :( 

Wow, this is really crazy to hear!  Do the other options work?  I'm very happy to help you work through this, or get my son involved directly, he'll be losing sleep tonight knowing there is a problem!


Yes, the other options work. Oh no, don't want to stress your son out :D

He wonders if you could try the "Y" key and report back.  Also, maybe gently try a few other keys and see if it's a weird mapping issue.  He really wants to work through this.  I'm not sure how to reach out via DM on itch.io, but I can give you our website which has our email addresses in case you think this conversation is not interesting to the public?


yes, you are right, i needed to press "Y" :) sorry to have caused panic, hehe. i tried all keys already the first time, but i guess i missed "Y".

Going to play the game soon then :) 

He was SO excited to hear this!  He wonders if you are using a Qwertz keyboard instead of Qwerty?  Are you in Europe somewhere?  He actually heard about the Qwertz keyboard and thought it was so interesting that there is an Easter Egg Qwertz keyboard hidden in No Anglerfish!  He is thinking he should file a bug report with Python about this issue  Thanks for working through this with us!


What a fantastic little game! This deserves to blow up!

Thanks TurdBoomerang!  (Things I didn't expect to say today) - spread the word!  How many islands have you managed to explore?


I am on my way to my 5th, (I think!)


Thanks to everyone trying out the game!  Feel free to come back and give your thoughts here - we're really excited to share our work with you all!